Educational Booklets

1. Woman: Know Your Rights by the Women’s Legal Centre

front cover of woman: know your rights bookletYou can use this booklet to:

  • Learn about your legal rights against sexual violence.
  • Learn what to do when sexual violence is committed against you.
  • Learn about the duties that the state owes you when sexual violence is committed against you.
  • Assist other women in learning about their legal rights against sexual violence, what they can do when sexual violence is committed against them and the duties owed to them by the state when sexual violence is committed against them.

Download Woman: Know Your Rights

2. Sexual Offences Act Booklet

The Criminal Law (Sexual Offences) Amendment Act has been in effect since 16 December 2007 and affects the punishment of sexual crimes committed after this date.

The Act replaces some common law provisions on sexual offences and some sections of the old law, the Sexual Offences Act 23 of 1957. The Act also creates new sexual crimes.

This booklet summarizes the key provisions in the new Act and related laws. It does not analyse the effectiveness of these provisions.

The booklet is available in  EnglishSesothoXhosaZulu.

3. Child Sexual Abuse Explained 

Sexual abuse of children including:

Types of sexual offences
  1. rape
  2. molestation
  3. possession or production of child pornography.

Types of offenders

  • Paedophile – Child sexual abuse is a lifelong obsession.
  • Situational – Opportunistic child abuse.

Download Child Abuse Explained (PDF)

 4. You and rape

cover of You and Rape booklet

You & Rape is published by the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust and contains up to date information on what to do

  • if someone has raped you
  • what your rights are
  • how rape survivors can go about seeking help
  • how to access support through the South African Criminal Justice System.

available in  EnglishAfrikaans   and  Xhosa  (Click your language preference)

5. How to deal with HIV after rape

cover of How to deal with HIV after rapePublished by Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre, the booklet aims to help anyone who has been raped to try to reduce their risk of getting HIV. It also explains how to report rape and what to do if you want to know the HIV status of your rapist.

Download How to deal with HIV after rape (Pdf)

6. Rape Myths

Published by Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust, this short pdf details a few of the common myths about rape and sexual assault

Download Myths about Rape

7. Sexual Harassment Manual by Women’s Legal Centre

This Manual has been written to deal with the recent amendments and case law developments in relation to sexual harassment since 1994 in South Africa. The Manual looks at the issue of defining what amounts to and what does not amount to sexual harassment in employment and the test to be applied in assessing whether certain conduct amounts to sexual harassment.

Download the manual in English  or  Afrikaans

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