What are my rights?

As a survivor of crime, you have the right:

  • to be treated with fairness and with respect for your dignity and privacy
  • to offer information
  • to receive information
  • to protection
  • to assistance
  • to compensation
  • to restitution

This information is sourced from the Service Charter for Victims of Crime in South Africa. Please click here for the  full document

You also have the right to legal advice.

Rape can make you feel hatred and anger. Rape can make you feel isolated. Rape can make you feel very sad. Rape can make you lose hope.

Being able to talk to someone who understands is a huge step towards recovery.

Remember: you can report rape any time even if it is after 20 years or more!

You can call these crisis lines:

Rape Crisis: 021 447 9762

Childline: 08 000 55 555

GRIP: 083 310 1321

LifeLine: 0800 150 150

SWEAT: 0800 60 60 60

Tears SMS Helpline: *134*7355#

Triangle Project: 021 712 6699

TVEP: 015 964 2310 or 015 963 6791