Shukumisa submission for SA’s Universal Periodic Review by UNHRC

logo of united nations human rights councilThis submission, which focuses on gender-based violence in South Africa, was prepared by a team of Shukumisa members in advance of South Africa’s Universal Periodic Review (UPR) by the United Nations Human Rights Council to be completed in May 2017.  Through a consultative process, a coalition of civil society organisations have identified the ways in which the South African government has and has not met the accepted recommendations provided by members during the previous UPR.

Download the submission

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Young Urban Women develop booklet to improve after-rape care services

30 August 2016

improve after-rape care services coverRape can make you lose hope and dignity. It can make you feel hatred and anger, feel isolated and very sad. This is the situation for many young women in South Africa and too often they do not know where to turn to and what to do to change their situation and feelings. And should they turn to help and support, too often the services they get are further damaging instead of helping them.

A group of 15 young women from Cape Town and Johannesburg have produced a youth-friendly booklet that is beneficial for all women and girls. It’s the first of its kind and its message is clear. Within the context of our patriarchal society, where victims and survivors are often blamed for sexual violence and rape, young women are courageously stepping forward to make their voices heard. They are actively asserting their rights to live in a society free of violence and are challenging all of us to not only claim our rights – to become active citizens and share responsibility of making rights real. The message reverberates loudly, #Listen. Change begins with you. Improving after-rape care services. Read more ›

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Invitation to a pre-election debate at Constitution Hill on 25 July 2016

How can local government address gendered forms of violence?

logo of Constitution Hill in Johannesburg, South AfricaIn the run-up to local government elections conflict has surged, resulting in violence and the destruction of property. In many instances these bitter struggles have been explained as attempts to control the spoils of power. But how could local government be made a site of peace? How could its structures and programmes be constructively turned to addressing sexualised violence, as well as violence within the domestic sphere? What role could the metroplitan police play in creating cities safe for sex workers, or lesbian, gay and transgender persons? And how could local government resources support services to the victims and survivors of gendered forms of violence?

As 3 August draws near, please join us to debate these and other questions with the ANC, DA, EFF, IFP and UDM. Read more ›

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