We are a Coalition

All Shukumisa members agree to adhere to the following values:

  • Respect for and acceptance of one another as stakeholders in the sector.
  • Mutual trust.
  • Commitment to Shukumisa.
  • Collaboration with one another.
  • Collegiality and the open sharing of information with one another.
  • Shukumisa also does not support stereotyped or prejudicial attitudes towards sexual violence.

Member Based

Shukumisa is a coalition of organisations. Members are expected to be proactive and initiate and lead advocacy and other actions that address sexual violence. The coalition is as strong as its members make it to be.

The members are the decision makers of Shukumisa, similar to the structure of a Voluntary Association. The steering committee is the  decision making body which operates on behalf of the members. The steering committee is elected annually by the membersThe coordinator as well as member organisations operating as funding conduits are accountable to the steering committee.


List of members

Join Us

Any civil society organisation or individual with a demonstrated interest in addressing sexual violence may apply to become a member of Shukumisa by cooperating with the terms of reference and by filling out the membership form.

Membership is approved by at least four steering committee members. After approval the new member will be added to the Shukumisa database and email group. The steering committee reserves the right to reject any application for membership at their own discretion.

Membership Form Terms of Reference

We are working together to shake up social attitudes towards sexual violence!

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