Strengthening the non-profit Gender Based Violence (GBV) Sector

We ensure that civil society organisations are well resourced and engage in joint initiatives for accountability and advocacy.

In 2013 Shukumisa members raised the loss of funding to services as a key issue of concern. This led to research around funding to post-rape care services based in the Thuthuzela Care Centres. The project has taken on a broader focus. It promotes the recognition of care work, not only related to post-rape care services but care work in general. Care work is largely performed by women, making Shukumisa’s project not only a matter of service delivery, but also a matter of gender equality. The National Shelter Movement, the Vhembe Civil Society Network (VCSN) in Limpopo and the KwaZulu-Natal Welfare Forum are collaborating with Shukumisa to address the current challenges experienced by the non-profit sector related to the Department of Social Development.

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