Women On Farms Project, Western Cape

Women on Farms Logo
Women On Farms Project works to promote women’s rights in farming communities, ensuring that women

  • are treated with respect and dignity
  • access services like water, electricity and basic health services
  • have secure employment, food, land and housing and preserve the environment for future generations
  • restore a healthy social life in agricultural communities

Women On Farms supports building of social movements of farm women, so that they organise and speak for themselves, and are able to sustain their needs.

WFP educates women about their and participates in lobbying  and advocacy activities. They also do case work

Contact details:

Physical address: 32 Four Oaks Building, c/o Bird & Molteno Streets, Stellenbosch
Postal address: P O Box 530, Stellenbosch, 7599

Tel: (021)887 2960/1/2
Fax: (021)887 2963

Email: wfp@wfp.org.za
Website: www.wfp.org.za