Women’s Legal Centre, Western Cape

Logo for Women’s Legal Centre
The Women’s Legal Centre (WLC) is an independently funded non-profit law centre based in Cape Town, South Africa. WLC’s core function is to advance women’s human rights, specifically those of black and poor women, through strategic litigation and legal advocacy in the areas of

  • violence against women
  • labour law
  • land law
  • relationship rights
  • reproductive and health rights.

The WLC also provides a free daily legal advice service to women. The centre deals with many queries and requests for advice, both telephonically and from walk-in visitors. We provide information where possible, and give referrals to other organisations.

Contact Details:

Physical address: 7th Floor Constitution House, 124 Adderley Street Cnr Church Street, Cape Town
Postal address: 7th Floor Constitution House, 124 Adderley Street, Cape Town, 8000

Tel: (021) 424 5660
Fax: (021) 424 5206

Website: www.wlce.co.za