Remmoho is a grass-roots organisation based on the East Rand, an initiative from a group of women in the Anti-Privatisation Forum (APF).

Aims of Remmoho (All of us together)

  • To create a space for women to support each other
  • To empower women, build self esteem and confidence
  • To develop an awareness of the roles and function of different institutions e.g. the justice, education, health systems and the impact of these institutions on women. To empower women to deal with these institutions
  •  To create a platform for women to break the silence so that as women in the social movements we have a space to talk about issues affecting us
  • Change the nature of the space of the movements and create a women friendly environment
  • To take up the issues that movements are not taking up from a women’s point of view
  • Encourage women’s participation and develop women leadership
  • Recruiting more women into the struggle for social justice
  • Establishing opens spaces for women in the movements and those interested in joining the movements
  • To change the traditional concept of childcare and to develop progressive educational activities for the children of the women participating in Remmoho

Website of the Anti-Privatisation Forum: