The Definition of Rape and Consent

Rape is an act of Sexual Penetration of a victim, without their consent. Rape occurs when

  • Someone inserts their genital organs into the mouth, anus or genital organs of a victim
  • Any part of someone’s body, such as a finger, goes into the anus or genital organs of the victim
  • Any object, like a stick or a bottle is put into the anus or genital organs of the victim
  • The genital organs of an animal are put into the mouth of the victim

Compelled Rape occurs when one person forces another to sexually penetrate each other someone else against their will. An example of compelled rape would be when a gang breaks into a couple’s home and forces them to have sex while members of the gang watch.

Sex acts become crimes when they are performed without the permission (consent) of the person they are performed on. People may not use their marriage as an excuse to rape their partners.

You have not consented to a sex-act if you are

  • Intimidated, forced or threatened in any way, through violence or threats of violence against you or someone you love, or damage to your property
  • Compelled by someone who abuses their power or authority, for instance if someone tells you that you will lose your job if you do not have sex with them
  • Lied to by a doctor or other health-worker who tells you that a sex act is part of a physical examination, or is necessary for your mental or physical health
  • Asleep
  • Unconscious
  • Under the Influence of drugs or alcohol
  • A child under the age of 12
  •  A person with a mental disability

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2 comments on “The Definition of Rape and Consent
  1. claudius says:

    good day

    I would like to know somethink please.

    Is it sexual rape if a man intimidates a women into having sex with him using lies and deseption,even though the women does give him consent the have sex with her and then finds out after the act that the man lied to her about his intentions,or even intimadates her in a subtile way into sex with him.

    And also if the man contacted the women first and then flurted with her until she gave into his deseption for sex,knowhing that she is married.

    And what if this women had sex with the first man that indimidated her into sex through lies and shotly afther had sex with another man also by his intimadation in a
    very subtile way,witch contacted her firts and dared her into having sex with him knowing she`s married and that the possibility is strong that the first and second man are very good friens and maybe planed the sexual act with this women in the first place.

    Can this women after she found out the she was mislead into sex,being in a weak state of mind,sue these men for rape or something like that

    Reason i`m asking is,i have a very close lady friend that was used for sex in this way and she feels like it is rape because they intimidated her into have sex with them even thow she did say no a few times.

  2. Joy-Mari says:

    That’s rape. She didn’t give informed consent.