Lethabong Legal Advice Centre (LLAC)

Lethabong Legal Advice Centre (LLAC) was established in 2001 to provide free legal services to the rural community and empower people through information dissemination.

LLAC’s office is situated in the rural area of Lethabong in the North West Province.

Lethabong is an informal settlement with a population of approximately 50 000 people. LLAC services the Lethabong area as well as the surrounding villages of Ikageng, Tsitsing, Tlapa, Bethanie, Madikwe, Marikana, Tlsetseng, Majakaneng, Segwelane and Bapong.


4411 Molapisi Street, Lethabong 0263

Tel: (012) 270-1343
Fax: (012) 270-2790
E-mail: moeranej@webmail.co.za