About Shukumisa


The Shukumisa Campaign was launched in 2008 by members of the National Working Group on Sexual Offences (NWGSO). The NWGSO was originally formed in 2004 to advocate around the proposed Sexual Offences Bill. When the Criminal Law [Sexual Offences and Related Matters] Amendment Act no. 32 of 2007 (Sexual Offences Act) was passed in late 2007, the NWGSO turned its focus to the implementation of the Sexual Offences Act and reformulated itself as the Shukumisa Campaign.

The Shukumisa Campaign aims to stir and shake up public and political will to develop and implement policies and strengthen laws related to sexual offences in South Africa. It periodically carries out monitoring at police stations, health facilities and courts to determine the extent to which government departments and service providers are meeting their commitments to providing services to victims of sexual offences.

The Shukumisa Campaign is made up of 47 organisations from all nine provinces and is governed by a steering committee comprising of 10 organisations. Its coordination is housed at the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust (RCCTT) and is assisted administratively by RCCTT and the Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre (TLAC) in Johannesburg.

Imagine a South Africa where:
  • Everyone treats rape as a serious crime
  • Quality Health, Policing and Legal services are available to all rape survivors, everywhere
  • All women are free to move around as they please, dressed as they please
  • Rape victims aren’t stereotyped in our media
  • We are all included in the development of laws that affect our lives and our communities