16 Days Of Discontent: Day 10 – The investigation and prosecution of sexual offences

Logo of the National Prosecuting Authority of South AfricaToday we focus on the investigation of sexual offences by the South African Police Services and the prosecution of these matters by the National Prosecuting Authority.
Survivors of sexual offences and domestic violence are routinely encouraged to ‘speak out.’ But what is the result of ‘breaking the silence’ and engaging with the criminal justice system? Today’s scorecard focuses on the quality and extent of justice enjoyed by victims of sexual offences.
There is a well-established legal and policy framework in place guiding the investigation and prosecution of sexual offences. We are not going to revisit this in detail but will focus instead on movements over the past year.

Investigating and prosecuting sexual offences:
The South African Police Service scores: 3/10
The National Prosecuting Authority scores: 4/10

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