16 Days Of Discontent: Day 7 – Undervaluing care work

Today’s focus is on how post-rape care is funded and remunerated in South Africa.

picture of clinic nurse and her patientWe all need care at some point in our lives and will, in turn, provide care to others. That said, care work in South Africa is deeply feminised. According to Statistics South Africa 43.6% of women, versus 19.2% of men, were employed within the community, social and personal services sectors. These include teachers, health workers, social workers and domestic workers. Although any group or society which does not care for its members would rapidly fall apart, care work is under-appreciated and either unpaid or under-paid in comparison to other types of work.

The Department of Social Development scores: 4/10
National Treasury scores: 7/10
and corporate social investment: unknown

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