Advocacy Workshop for Young Urban Women 26 – 27 JUNE 2015

yuw-workshopThe Young Urban Women (YUW) programme seeks to build capacity of young women to engage decision makers on issues affecting them, especially Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), Decent Work and Women’s Unpaid Care Work (UCW). The programme is structured into three pillars – empowerment, campaigning and solidarity. Prior to participating in campaigning and solidarity work, young women participate in empowerment sessions, presented in the form of trainings/workshop where they gain more information about the concept the programme seeks to address.

This Advocacy workshop is facilitated after young women have participated in a number of training sessions to understand what constitutes SRHR, the meaning and different elements of decent work as well as understanding how UCW impacts on their lives.
The Advocacy workshop was facilitated by the Shukumisa Campaign, a YUW programme partner whose responsibility is to support young women in developing and implementing their advocacy initiatives. The campaign does not organise YUW groups; rather they depend on the other two partners – Wellness Foundation and Afrika Tikkun to ensure availability and participation of young women in programme activities.

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