Report on TCC Workshop for Young Urban Women on 07 May 2015

As part of the Young Urban Women (YUW) programme, Shukumisa is trying to link the TCC study with the reality of the YUW. Together with the Wellness Foundation, Shukumisa planned a workshop to introduce TCCs to YUW. The idea was to look at the care offered for survivors of rape and sexual violence in South Africa and explore what it means to YUW with a particular focus on TCCs that have been put in place to restore dignity and ensure justice for children and women who are victims of sexual violence.
The intention of the workshop was to offer young urban women the opportunity to get to know these facilities and explore if they meet their expectations and if they are youth friendly and respond to issues of young women. This workshop is part of a series to introduce meaningful and effective advocacy work to YUW.

Download the report here:

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