Round table meeting on gender-based violence 22 April 2013

On 22 April the Committee for Women, Youth, Children and People with Disability hosted a roundtable on addressing gender-based violence. Various NGOs and members of the Shukumisa campaign – Resources Aimed at the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (RAPCAN), Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust, Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Task Force (SWEAT) and Women’s Legal Centre attended and made presentations.

The Minister of Women, Children and People with Disabilities, the Department of Social Development and SAPS outlined some of the policy issues that they were dealing with, and their programmes. They outlined the work of the National Council on GBV , and noted what they were trying to do. The State agreed that it had not done an analysis of what it was really investing in. It was concerned with substance abuse that often fuelled the issues. More women officers, magistrates and judges were still needed.

for the full minutes of the meeting, see here

Here is the declaration from the meeting:

We, as the participants at this roundtable on gender-based violence,

  • Recognise the increasing scourge of violence against women and children,
  • Acknowledge the work done by civil society and departments rendering services to victims of gender-based violence,
  • Recognise the need to:
  1. Build partnerships and work collaboratively
  2. Increase research and statistical information on gender-based violence
  3. Improve resource allocation for the provision of services for victims of gender-based violence
  • Call for the continued awareness of gender-based violence and support for organisations dealing with issues of gender-based violence
  • Recognise that ending violence will require the collective efforts of individuals, families, communities, faith based organisations, traditional leadership, civil society, private sector and government.

In light of this, we will endeavour to:

  1. Work collaboratively through the formation of strategic partnerships, to eradicate violence against women and children
  2. Collate, conduct and share research that informs our understanding of gender-based violence, its prevention and the development of appropriate intervention strategies
  3. Invest in the development of strategies that aim to prevent gender-based violence by locating it in its broader social context of eradicating gender inequity
  4. Monitor and enhance service delivery interventions within the criminal justice and social development systems with a view to enhancing victim empowerment
  5. Ensure that related legislation and policies are effectively implemented and that there is ongoing monitoring in this regard
  6. Ensure that adequate resources and budgets are allocated to eradicating gender-based violence in monitoring expenditure in this regard.
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