Rape Crisis Goes Mobile

Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust now boasts a new user-friendly mobi site, enabling people to obtain valuable information on rape from their cell phones.

The mobi site  was launched this week as the result of a donation from Grapevine Interactive, the leading provider of rich mobile applications and interactive messaging services in South Africa.

They approached the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust with this offer and it was accepted as a means of extending the organisation’s communication strategy in ways that would enhance the services Rape Crisis offers.

Rape Crisis now has this new platform available for survivors of rape to access information from their mobile phones.

‘Many survivors of rape do not have the necessary information available when they have just been raped. With the Rape Crisis mobi site  we can now provide information on the different processes to go through, what will happen at each facility you visit and what you need to do when reporting a rape.  All this information at the click of a button on your cell phone’,  said Nikki Rossouw, Communications and Fundraising Coordinator at the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust.

The focus of the mobi site is on ensuring easy and convenient access to information for survivors of rape. The site is free to access, but mobile networks (Vodacom, MTN, Cell C etc.) will charge for the data at the rate of a few cents per visit to the site. To view five pages  would cost the user approximately 20 cents.

‘We are indebted to Grapevine Interactive for affording us this amazing opportunity and creating this effective tool. With it we will be able to support and extent our services  to more survivors of rape, and we hope to make their healing process easier. What we also appreciate is that it enhances the function of our website in a user-friendly manner for cell phones with a tailor made look and feel to it. ‘said Kathleen Dey, Director at the Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust.

It is estimated that as many as 9.5-million urban mobile phone users are technically able to browse the internet on their cell phones.

To visit the mobi site visit: rapecrisis.mobi

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