16 Ways To Stop Violence Against Women & Children

  1. Decide today NOT to look away, NOT to be a bystander and NOT to be silent.
  2. If you are emotionally, physically, or sexually abusive to your partner and or your children, contact the Stop Gender Based Violence helpline – 0800 150 150
  3. If alcohol makes you violent, try drinking less
  4. Support women and children who you suspect are being abused
  5. If you witness violence and abuse, report it to the nearest Police Station
  6. Help survivors to report abuse to the police and discourage them from withdrawing a case
  7. Try to understand how your own attitudes and actions might perpetuate sexism and violence
  8. Be respectful to women and a role model to younger boys in your community
  9. Talk to others and encourage them to actively take a stand against the abuse of women and children
  10. Learn about the services in your community that provide assistance to women and children who experience violence and abuse
  11. Support women in your community and participate in their efforts to address issues of violence and child abuse
  12. Talk about violence against women and children. Organize community dialogues, speak to people around you
  13. Be aware of the physical signs and symptoms of violence and abuse, as well as emotional signs such as withdrawal, anxiety, fear and sadness
  14. If a man you know is abusive to his partner and children, try to talk to him about it, urge him to seek help
  15. If a woman has been raped, help her to access health services quickly and to test for HIV
  16. Be a Brother for Life, play your role and share this information with as many men as you can
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