Total Sexual Offences in RSA for April to March 2003/2004 to 2009/2010

Here are the statistics for the sexual offences recorded by the South African Police Services from March 2003/2004 to March 2009/2010. The statistics form part of the overall National Crime Statistics that were released by Minister of Police, E.N. Mthethwa at the Sheraton Hotel in Pretoria today.

In his speech, Minister Mthethwa said that there has been a decrease in sexual offences.

Decrease in Sexual Offences

“Equally, we have seen a decrease in sexual offences by 4,4% between 2008/2009 and 2009/2010. This resulted in 26 311 arrests. We view this positively and if we can do more, we will be able to achieve even more success. We believe that the reintroduction of specialized units such the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) will contribute to decreasing this even further,” he said.

He emphasised that families and communities need to break the silence in such sexual offences by not protecting people who are hurting and harming women and children. Research points out that crimes such as rape, assault and Grievous Bodily Harm (GBH) take place amongst acquaintances, but then at times the victims are suppressed from reporting such crimes, socially, culturally and other reasons that are advanced, he said.

“To us, not reporting this kind of crime equally constitutes commitment of crime by those who shadow and harbor the perpetrators. This is also a very difficult area for police to deal with, because as we say it occurs in ‘closed doors’ and amongst acquaintances,” he said.

Download the statistics for the sexual offences

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