The Noises Next Door

Every year 1 400 women are killed by their partners, and maybe we were listening.

If your neighbour plays music really loud on a week night, do you go over and ask them to keep it down? If they start banging their drums at 9pm in a residential area, do you think you should ask them to stop? Most people do something, whether it’s a letter under the door, a telephone call or a polite knock and request. I mean, their private activities are impacting on yours, not so?

What if you hear a fight? Do you go and see what’s happening, or do you stay at home? And when you hear someone being beaten — whether it’s a man, woman or child, what do you do?

An incredible advert from People Opposing Women Abuse (POWA) has been circulating on YouTube examining this thought experiment — when do you feel it’s OK to ask your neighbours to stop what they’re doing in their own home.

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