Kidz Clinics – Quarterly Update

Children from Kiddies Ark Nursery School, who participated in one of our educational programmes, wearing the special soccer umbrella hats donated by “Sundela”.

When you read through some of the cases reported in the quarterly report of  Kidz Clinics, it’s impossible not to react with emotion and loathing to the things some adults do to children.

We are reminded again that our Medical and Social Work staff are very special people indeed.

How they manage to cope day to day, and remain professional, speaks of a deep commitment and dedication to their calling within each of them. Their jobs are definitely not for sissies!

Our ‘first-born’, the Boksburg Kidz Clinic, is in its 10th year of operations and we are immensely proud of everything we have achieved throughout its existence. As at the end of June 2010, we had assisted 5,196 children and their families at this facility alone.

Our deepest thanks to Standard Bank Properties, for a very successful Charity Cup Golf Day. For the 11th year running, the substantial proceeds from this event have been donated to the Kidz Clinics. More about it in the next Quarterly.

Thank you, all WMACA and Kidz Clinics staff, and thank you to our sponsors and contributors for your continued support.

And, in closing: One of the Great Truths children have learned: “No matter how hard you try, you can’t baptize cats.”

Download a copy of the quarterly report of  Kidz Clinics (Apr to Jun 2010)

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