Celebrating Women Of Courage in 2010

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Constitution Hill is hosting a series of exhibitions and activities for Women’s Month 2010 that explore and celebrate women of courage and unexpected beauty.

On site we will have the Anne Frank Exhibition, the Fair Play exhibition, Malibongwe, “Let us praise the women,”  portraits of great South African women, “Survivors,” portraits by Jodi Bieber, and an exhibition organized by Tshwaranang, on women and the criminal justice system .

We will also have a forum on women’s day about “where we have come from and where we still need to go” looking at our past and current women’s rights campaigns.

Some of the questions we will be exploring on the 9th are:

  • How can we hold the State and in particular, the criminal justice system, to account around women’s rights, especially rape and violence to women?
  • How can we bring citizen action into existence, especially with young women and girls?
  • What are some of the other issues that we need to be talking about, the stigma of abortion and other.

We will have as guest speakers Elinor Sisulu, Sakina Mohamed, Lisa Vetten, Kwezi Mbandazaywo and others.

The Discussion will be followed by creative activities of poster making, creating new messages and images for Celebrating Women’s Day that will be added to the Tshwaranang exhibition.

Additionally, there will be a performance – installation piece developed By Bronwyn Lace and Anthea Moys, performed by young women from the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy at 5:00, on site.

In addition to the Forum on Aug 9th there will be a 3 session workshop , on Aug 14, and 21st and 28th, which will bring women artists, Erica Luttich, Napo Masheane, Toni Morkel , and others, together with a group of young women from across Johannesburg to further explore what being a woman of courage and unexpected beauty means for today, linking with the exhibition of anti apartheid women leaders , and via linking with the courage of Anne Frank during the Holocaust and Survivors of domestic violence, what are current forms of hatred today.

With the all of exhibitions we will engage questions of what does hatred look like today and what can we do about it, and what does courage and beauty look like and mean for today?

Sharing our stories

August 14th will be a day in which women of all ages come together to share their stories, wisdom, courage, inspiration and explorations with each other. All of the workshops will be participatory and cultural.

The final 2 workshops will be on the 21st and 28th, we will continue to work with the artists on the themes that have emerged from the previous sessions and the art works will be added to the exhibitions at Con Hill.

The August 9th event will take place 8:30 – 6, 2010 at the Old Fort, Constitution Hill, on Kotze street.

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