Forensic Nursing: Why It Would Help Rape Survivors

After a rape, survivors need treatment for a range of health-related concerns such as pregnancy, possible infection with HIV and other sexually transmitted
infections (STI), injuries, as well as symptoms of psychological distress.

If a charge has been laid, forensic evidence which complies with medical and legal requirements to help with the case is also needed.

Traditionally, this care has been provided by doctors. However, in the last few years, nurses have also begun to enter this arena. There is however no formal  recognition for forensic nursing.

This means that there is a big gap between  the work that nurses do in forensic nursing and policy.

This briefing paper, prepared by members of the Shukumisa Campaign, sets out what needs to be done to ensure that forensic nursing services become available to all victims of sexual offences, whether adult and child and the role that forensic nursing can play in the process.

Download Forensic Nursing Briefing Note

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One comment on “Forensic Nursing: Why It Would Help Rape Survivors
  1. nyameka says:

    I just feel sad for the rape victims/ survivors,because they are the most people who feel the pain but so painful,there are nurses who are willing and ready, through their speciality inForensic nursing,to care and assist them through their process of recovery.I am the rape activist,a forensic nurse,turner of victim into survivors,but I have decided to leave the unit dealing with rape cases.When our South Africans do not recognise the job well done by forensic nurses,Yes I say it’s job well done because if the S.African court of laws are satisfied with the evidence of forensic nurses as part of forensic investigation,If NPA see a forensic nurse as a critical role player in management of sexual assault cases,WHY can’t South African Nursing Council see it as a necessity to recognise that soul dying in silence,with shoulder to cry on? I am hurt and discouraged! I hope one day there will be a solution to this!